"This program has been a great opportunity for me to become more deeply involved in the health care system..."
–Niaz Ahankoob

Admissions & Enrollment Process

** If you experience difficulty in submitting your applications, please contact support@copehealthscholars.org and a representative from our team will reach out to you shortly. **

  1. Complete your application.

Go to the Online Applications page and select the appropriate application for your program. We recommend you write your essays before beginning your online application.

  1. Interview

If you are qualified based on your online application, you will be invited to interview. Interviews help us get to know you. We want to see how you would interact with patients and the patient care team. A star interviewee is personable, confident and articulate. An interviewee dresses well, has a firm handshake and smiles. Interviews typically take place in a small group setting, a multiple mini interview format or online via Skype.

  1. Complete a background check

Those who pass the interview stage will receive an email with instructions for completing the background check. Background checks are a standard requirement for those interacting with patients in a clinical setting.

  1. Schedule a clearance appointment

In your clearance appointment, we’ll make sure all of your site’s screening requirements have been met. Be prepared to bring your immunization/titer records, health insurance information and CPR certification to your appointment. See Enrollment Requirements for more details.

  1. Pay your tuition

You’ll receive an email with a link to pay your tuition. See Tuition & Fees.

  1. Train

For programs with clinical experience components, you will need to train and pass exams in order to continue in the program and begin your first clinical shift.

  1. Start the program

Congratulations! You are now a COPE Health Scholar!

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