Farah Dar - COPE Health Scholars
Farah Dar

Coodinator, Health Scholar

Farah Dar

Email : fdar@copehealthsolutions.org


Farah Dar joined COPE Health Solutions in June 2019. Ms. Dar is currently an Intern where she provides project design and support for the COPE Health Scholars programs. In this role, she coordinates onboarding for Program Managers and Health Scholar Assistants. Ms. Dar also creates strategies to verify Program Managers and Health Scholar Assistants’ competencies.

Prior to joining COPE Health Solutions, Ms. Dar participated in the Health Scholar program at Kaiser Permanente South Bay for one year. As a Health Scholar, she rotated through a variety of clinical departments and achieved recognition for her dedication and attentiveness to the medical staff. In 2018, she joined the Leadership Team as a Department Coordinator for two departments simultaneously. Ms. Dar later transitioned into Executive Team as an Assistant Director of Departments. As an Executive Leader, Ms. Dar oversaw program operations in several departments, implemented process improvement projects, developed and improved communication systems and provided support for sites in her region.

Ms. Dar completed her undergraduate education at California State University, Long Beach. While completing her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Cell Biology and a minor in Chemistry, she participated in Bioinformatics Research, where she utilized statistical data analyses to identify multiple protein sequence domains in databases.

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