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Roya Mirilavassani

Senior Regional Manager

Roya Mirilavassani

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Roya Mirilavassani joined COPE Health Solutions in April 2013 as a Manager. She initially oversaw the Health Scholar Program at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, and later transitioned to managing the Health Scholar, Junior Health Scholar, and Student Nurse Scholar programs at St. Mary Medical Center. Ms. Mirilavassani currently holds the position as Senior Regional Manager over St. Mary Medical Center, St. Francis Medical Center and St. John’s Hospitals where she is responsible for working with the client to identify short-term and long-term health care talent needs and adding value to the client through additional services or projects.

Ms. Mirilavassani prioritizes patient experience through her participation in the St. Mary Medical Center Patient Experience Committee. Her participation includes working with the client to identify methods of enhancing the patient experience by engaging the COPE Health Scholars programs in various hospital initiatives.

Prior to her Manager positions, Ms. Mirilavassani was a Health Scholar at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian for over 2 years. During her time as a Health Scholar, Ms. Mirilavassani participated in leadership opportunities within the program by joining Leadership Team and later, Executive team, under the Recruitment and Training branch.

Ms. Mirilavassani holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California, Irvine. She graduated with honors and received Excellence in Research for her three years of research on RNA in the Lupták Lab, where she explored the biology and chemistry of RNA to look for novel modes of cell regulation.

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