Leaders - COPE Health Scholars
"Through all of my experiences, I have never felt more confident that joining the health care team is right for me..."
–Niaz Ahankoob


For Scholars in the Health Scholar and Junior Health Scholar Programs who would like additional leadership experience and professional development


Scholars must have completed at least one three-month rotation and be actively participating in the Health Scholar or Junior Health Scholar programs. Entry into Leaders is determined through a competitive application process.

The Experience

The Leaders program is a professional development opportunity for Scholars enrolled in the Health Scholar and Junior Health Scholar programs. Leaders serve under the direction of the site manager to help the program run smoothly at their site. Leaders are involved in all aspects of program operations such as recruiting and training new Scholars, managing Scholars in a department, assisting with administrative tasks and leading community service projects. Leaders can grow and develop from coordinators into Executive Leaders who manage coordinators.

The Impact

  • Help your peers have a great experience in the program by ensuring program operations run smoothly
  • Recruit and train the best and brightest classes of Health Scholars
  • Make a difference in the community by organizing service projects

The Benefits

  • Connect with health system staff, program management and other Scholars
  • Gain an understanding of health care administration
  • Grow your leadership skills as you advance in the Leaders program

The Commitment

A Leaders’ role determines the relative commitment, with a higher commitment expected of Executive Leaders (directors and assistant directors) than coordinators. Weekend days are for training and recruitment activities.

Role Weekly Office Hours Weekend Days Per Quarter
Coordinator 2 hours 3-4 half-days
Assistant Director 4 hours 3 full-days
Director 8 hours 6 full-days

Program Sites

This program is available at all locations.

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