Entry Level Track - COPE Health Scholars

Nurse Scholar Entry Level Track

The Nurse Scholar Program’s Entry Level Track offers students completing their prerequisites for a nursing program or new nursing students who are greater than 1.5 years from graduating from their Nursing Degree, the opportunity to further advance their nursing education and gain hands-on clinical experience in nursing and specialty units. Upon program completion, program graduates receive a certificate of completion in Pre-Licensed Nurse Training and Patient Experience from the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI).This will help distinguish program graduates as top candidates for nursing programs, entry-level employment and the Nurse Scholar Program Advanced-Level Track.

What You Will Gain from Entry Level Track:

  • You will receive mentorship from experienced nursing staff and clinical experience to help prepare you for nursing program applications and course work
  • You will have access to potential opportunities for entry-level employment
  • You will participate in professional development workshops to become well-versed and knowledgeable in preparation for a nursing career
  • This is a great opportunity to provide you with clinical skills and hands-on experience, assisting your Nurse preceptor with taking vital signs, repositioning patients, and basic patient care
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