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Nurse Scholar FAQs

Can I transfer from one site to any another site?

No. The Licensed Nurse Scholar program is only available at select locations. Please refer back to our website for more information regarding location.


Can I transfer from one program to another?

Scholars in good standing may transfer to a program with similar entrance requirements. For example, Licensed Nurse Scholars may transfer to the Care Navigator program upon completion of training requirements. Please reach out to an admissions counselor or your program manager for more details regarding your eligibility for concurrent enrollment.


What type of hands-on experience will I gain?

As a Licensed Nurse Scholar, you will assist the nursing team in providing basic patient care. You will also shadow an RN preceptor and observe bedside procedures.


Why do some sites have more clinical areas that other sites? Why do some sites have only one or two clinical areas?

The number of clinical areas varies based on a few factors: type of program, the length of time the site has been open, the size of the site and the needs of the site. For new sites opened within the last two years, one to two clinical areas are typically opened every three months. For smaller sites, for example an acute care site with a relatively low number of beds, fewer areas are available because the site will have fewer clinical areas overall. The needs of the site also play a role –each of our sites provides a unique experience in a real health care setting. Different facilities serve different community health needs, and the department options will vary accordingly. We strive to provide a holistic view of health care at each site among departments that are appropriate Scholar learning environments


Will enrollment in the Licensed Nurse Scholar Program guarantee me nursing employment?

No. We cannot guarantee nursing employment, however your training and experience as a Licensed Nurse Scholar will make you a strong candidate for employment.

Still haven’t found the answer to your question?

If so, please contact admissions@copehealthscholars.org or call 213-542-2250.
A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours.

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