About Us - COPE Health Scholars

About Us

COPE Health Scholars, a division of COPE Health Solutions, provides an educational opportunity for individuals interested in making a difference in health care, advancing their careers, and building lifelong relationships and learning through the COPE Connect network.

COPE Health Scholars began fifteen years ago with one program: the Clinical Care Extender program, now known as the Health Scholar program. Over the course of the last 20 years the program offerings expanded to include the Junior Health Scholar program for high school students, Licensed Nurse Scholar program for RN job seekers, Care Coordination Scholar program for college students and alumni interested in care coordination and International Health Scholar program for international students interested in the U.S. health care system.

Our COPE Connect network provides current and aspiring health care professionals the opportunity to continually link with health care delivery, learn from industry experts and lead future innovations in patient care. We offer the opportunity for any individual, no matter where they are on their health care career journey, the competitive edge to succeed in the complex and growing health care field.

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