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COPE Health Scholars seeks and attracts individuals who are looking to challenge themselves as they learn and make a difference in health care. Many scholars tell us that the experience and skills they gained changed their lives. For most, the training and exposure confirmed their desire to work in the health care field.

Ready to apply? Click here to apply for one of our programs listed below.


Still unsure which program is right for you? Visit our programs page to learn more about each program.


If you are a current program participant who is interested in transferring sites, please follow the steps below:

  1. Email your Program Manager with the request to be transferred, make sure you include the name of the site you wish to be transferred to.
  2. Upon approval (if provided), Program Manager will request your CORE account to be switched to your new site.
  3. Email your new Program Manager with department request for shifting, a time for department specific training and shadow shift and a head shot for badge approval.
  4. Make sure all of your clearance items are aligned with the new hospital’s policies.


Feel free to contact our admissions team email at or call 213-542-2250.
A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours.

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