Overview - COPE Health Scholars

Care Navigator Scholar Overview

Improve health outcomes and focus on patient education and reducing health disparities.

The Care Navigator Scholar program offers individuals the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in improving health outcomes. As a Care Navigator Scholar, you will receive training to prepare you to connect patients to educational resources, community-based opportunities, and more. Under the mentorship of care coordinators, you will be uniquely positioned to support interventions targeted towards special populations including homeless individuals and those diagnosed with chronic conditions.

Why Care Navigator Scholar?

  • Learn about population health management across the care continuum
  • Increase knowledge of the impact of social determinants on health outcomes
  • Assist in educating patients about their conditions and care options
  • Improve care by leveraging both health system and community-based resources
  • Enhance health care industry knowledge by engaging in outpatient and inpatient settings
  • Develop communication and customer service skills


Upon completion of the program, graduates will distinguish themselves as top candidates for employment in the health care industry. The program is offered year-round at select sites in California with 9-month and 6-month options. The 9-month program requires an average of 1 to 2 four-hour shifts per week. The 6-month option requires that students shift a minimum of 2 four-hour shifts per week.

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