"Through this program I learned to properly interact with patients and assess various situations - assisting nurses to ensure that every patient received the best care possible."
–Amy Truong

Health Scholar

For graduates and students of colleges and universities (age 18+) who are interested in or preparing for careers in health care

UCLA Certificate

Certificate in Patient Experience and Pre-Licensed Clinical Care



Scholars must be accepted to, enrolled in or graduated from an accredited college or university, and be at least 18 years old.


The Experience

As a Health Scholar, you’ll gain clinical experience, make a difference in the lives of patients and become an integral part of the patient care team. Working side by side with nurses and physicians, you’ll provide basic care for patients. You can help patients walk, feed them when they can’t feed themselves, assist with checking vitals and much more. After an initial 30-hour intensive training program, you will begin clinical rotations in a variety of areas at the program site. At some sites, administrative rotations are also available. See our program locations for details on opportunities available at each site.

The Impact

  • Bring a smile to a patient’s face on a hard day
  • Help the most vulnerable in our communities for whom health care is often out of reach
  • Take initiative to improve the patient experience
  • Become an integral part of the patient care team

The Benefits

Pre-health students & graduates (e.g. pre-med, pre-nursing, health administration)

  • Decide if a career in health care is right for you and which profession is the best fit
  • Fulfill clinical experience hours required or preferred by medical, nursing and other graduate programs in health care
  • Gain an inside view of medical specialties as you rotate through many areas in the hospital or ambulatory care setting every three months

Professional school students & graduates (e.g. nursing, physician assistant, allied health)

  • Gain clinical experience employers look for in candidates
  • Develop relationships with clinical staff and leaders within your program site
  • Decide what type of clinical setting (e.g. hospital, ambulatory clinic) is the best fit for you


The Commitment

Regular Track
Month 1 30 hours of training on 3 weekend days
Month 2-15+
  • One 4-hour shift per week
  • Shifts generally available from about 7 am – 11 pm, 7 days per week
  • Sign up for additional shifts as available
  • Maximum 8 hours per day
 Availability  Offered at all program locations


Program Sites

This Health Scholar program is available at all locations.

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