Commitment - COPE Health Scholars

Health Scholar Commitment

Below is a table highlighting the commitment required for the Health Scholar program. Additionally, Health Scholars are required to attend two 90-minute All-Scholar Meetings every rotation (3-months).

15-month 9-month 3-month
Training 30 hours over 2-3 weekend days
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Field Experience 250 hours
Total Program Hours 280 hours
Shifts One 4-hour shift per week

* Select sites may require 4-8 hours per week

Average of two 4-hour shifts per week Average of five 4-hour shifts per week

As a Health Scholar, you will have the opportunity to participate in various projects and initiatives coordinated by your specific site. These hours count toward your total program hours for graduation. Please see below, for a detailed list of what is and what is not counted toward graduation hours.

Does count towards graduation hours:

  • Clinical floor hours
  • Meeting hours
  • Project hours
  • Training hours
  • Webinar event attendance

Does not count towards graduation hours:

  • Health professions shadowing
  • Leadership team hours
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