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Health Scholar Overview

volunteer hours for medical school

Gain firsthand experience in a variety of health care settings, impact patients’ lives, become an integral part of the care delivery team and earn volunteer hours for medical school.

As a Health Scholar, you will gain firsthand experience in both clinical and administrative health care settings and become an integral part of the care delivery team. You will assist with basic care for patients alongside nurses, physicians and other members of the care delivery team, and have opportunities to learn the “business” of health care, preparing you for your health care career and helping you earn volunteer hours for medical school, nursing school, and other graduate programs while positioning you well for entry-level positions in healthcare.

Why Health Scholar?

  • Decide if a career in health care is right for you and which profession is the best fit
  • Fulfill clinical experience hours required or preferred by medical, nursing and other graduate programs in health care
  • Gain an inside view of medical specialties as you rotate through many areas in the hospital or ambulatory care setting every three months
  • Gain the experience employers look for in candidates
  • Earn volunteer hours for medical school programs
  • Develop relationships with health care staff and leaders within your program site
  • Receive a completion certificate from Keck Graduate Institute. Only applicable to California locations.
  • Join over 34,000 alumni as a COPE Connect member and connect with health care leaders, access expert guidance and career advice, receive member-only discounts and easily verify your volunteer hours for medical school and other graduate programs


This program is offered year-round with enrollment occurring every quarter. Most individuals graduate from the program in 15 months after completing 30 hours of training at the start of the program and 250 hours of field experience with a commitment of 4 to 8 hours per week. For those looking to complete the program faster, we offer 9-month and 3-month options where you will receive priority shift selection in order to finish at an accelerated pace.

Upon graduation, scholars will receive a completion certificate. The program is offered at various health care sites throughout California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. Click here to view all locations.

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