COPE Connect

At COPE Health Solutions, we owe our success to our people—past and present—and, in return, we have created this network as a valuable resource for you to linklearn and lead.

The COPE Connect network provides current and aspiring health care professionals the opportunity to continually link with health care delivery, learn from industry experts and lead future innovations in patient care.  Membership in a professional network shows employers and admissions committees that you are invested in a health care profession and committed to lifelong learning.

If you were a part of our Health Scholar (formerly Clinical Care Extender) program, a past employee, former corporate intern, or part of our TEACH program, we want to reconnect with you!

Reconnect with former friends and colleagues through our network.  Benefits in our network include:

  • Access to an ever-growing 28,000-member community of program alumni (Health Scholar, Junior Health Scholar, Clinical Care Extender, Red Shirt, Nurse Scholar, Licensed Nurse Scholar, PrepStep-RN, PrepStep-Health Care Scholar, Summer Pre-Med Scholar, International Health Scholar, and TEACH)
  • Opportunity to receive a $500 referral bonus if you refer a candidate that is successfully hired into our company
  • $100 discount to MCAT test prep courses from Berkeley Review
  • 10-15% discounts on medical supplies from
  • Discounts on amusement and recreational park tickets
  • Discounts on TEAS & NCLEX test-preparation courses from ATI Nursing Knowledge
  • Ongoing training, leadership, and professional development opportunities
  • Discounts to medical school application mentorship from MedSchool Coach
  • Discounts to medical Spanish training and free translator app from Canopy Innovations
  • Letter of Recommendation privilege even after graduating from COPE Health Scholar programs (CCE, CCV, PrepStep-Health Care Scholar, Red Shirt, PrepStep-RN, Nurse Scholar)

Don’t miss out on resources that help you grow and develop your career in health care!  Activate your membership today!

If you are already a member, we’re delighted to announce that a new COPE Connect portal is under construction!

Our new portal will include enhancements to provide a better user interface and networking capabilities to further your professional development in health care.While the portal is on its way, you can still utilize many of the great benefits and resources COPE Connect has to offer.

For inquiries on the COPE Connect Network, please contact us at

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