KGI Master's Thesis Project - COPE Health Scholars

KGI Master’s Thesis Project

Program Overview

The MS in Applied Life Sciences at the Keck Graduate Institution (KGI) is a two-year program in which students take core science, professional development and advanced technical courses with the option to complete a master’s thesis. In partnership with COPE Health Solutions, KGI Graduate students will be completing their clinical research thesis project within one or more of the hospital sites within the COPE Health Scholars program.

Through this research project, students will actively engage in projects that align with their field of study and learn from their on-site advisor how to identify hospital and/or health system needs and provide solutions to address the gaps within a hospital and/or health system. Students will be assisting in data collection and statistical analytics as well as tracking progress of existing hospital projects and/or pending projects. Students will not be assisting with hands-on patient care task or delivery, but instead, gaining exposure to various careers in health care by going on rounds with nurses, doctors, and/or hospital administrators to gather the necessary data for their focused project.


Program Requirements

  1. Must be a 2nd year student in the KGI Masters of Science in Applied Life Sciences program.
  2. Complete Health Scholar online application no later than May 1 at 11:59 PM.
  3. Schedule and complete an in-person or remote interview with potential on-site advisor and site Program Manager.
  4. Complete the hospital clearance process by site-specific deadlines.
  5. Attend all required training hours AND pass entrance exam with a minimum of 80%. Please note that student must pass exam in order to continue the program.
  6. Schedule and attend three, 6-hour shifts per week for 9 consecutive months or an equivalent of 18 – 20 hours per week.
  7. Schedule and attend check-ins to discuss progress on the current project(s).
    • Weekly check-ins during the first three weeks, followed by monthly check-in with on-site advisor
    • Monthly check-ins with the KGI committee member or MS program director and on-site advisor
    • Quarterly check-ins with Program Manager and on-site advisor



The master’s students and faculty must sign Proprietary Information Exchange Agreements (PIEA) at the start of all industry-sponsored projects to insure confidentiality. Students are required to review all information and data used in their presentation with the on-site advisor prior to sharing with the KGI faculty. This is done to ensure that no sensitive information is provided in any presentation materials. Additionally, any data used in the thesis paper will only be seen by the faculty who signed the PIEA and following review of the paper, the data is redacted or returned to the hospital to maintain confidentiality. Data will never be published or shared externally, and shall remain solely as property of the hospital or health system, unless the hospital or health system wishes to collaborate on a publication with the participating student.




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