Monga Mokwala - COPE Health Scholars
Monga Mokwala

Program Manager, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Health

Monga Mokwala


Monga Mokwala joined COPE Health Solutions in April 2024 as the Workforce Development Program Manager for the COPE Health Scholar Program at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Health (MLKCH) located in Los Angeles, In this role, Monga spearheads the recruitment and mentorship of Health Scholar candidates, fostering their professional growth in healthcare and training them to meet the patient care needs at MLKCH. Leveraging his expertise in patient care and program coordination, he cultivates strong relationships with hospital clients, resulting in increased program retention and expansion opportunities.

Prior to his tenure at COPE Health Solutions, Monga served as a Patient Care Host at Crossover Health, APC in San Bernardino, CA, which was partnered with Amazon to provide integrative healthcare services exclusively to Amazon workers in the San Bernardino region. There, he excelled as the primary point of contact for patients, delivering top-tier hospitality and facilitating patient-centered care through effective communication and collaboration. Additionally, outreach was crucial in this position to bring in new patients and maintain high utilization rates.

Monga earned his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from California State University, Fullerton. During his undergraduate years, he held multiple health-based internships, one of which was serving as Healthy Communities Initiative Program Manager Intern for Providence St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton. This internship involved promoting healthy lifestyles in underserved communities where chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes were prevalent. Initially on the pre-med track, Monga became more interested in the healthcare administration side of healthcare, which ultimately led him to COPE Health Solutions.

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