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Programs for High School Students

The Junior Health Scholar program allows high school students between the ages of 16-18 to shadow a current Health Scholar or work independently in the patient care setting dependent on site requirements. Junior Health Scholars observe how care delivery and administrative teams work together to deliver excellent care and explore whether a career in health care is right for them. The program is offered year-round at select sites in CaliforniaWashington and Hawaii. Most individuals complete the program in nine (9) months with a commitment of one 4-hour shift per week or two 2-hour shifts per week. For those looking to complete the program faster, we offer a 6-month and 3-month option where you will receive priority shift selection. For sites that have an expanded scope of practice these scholars will work independently alongside staff members to perform basic patient care.

Medical Assistant Program

The COPE Health Scholars Medical Assistant Program is an innovative joint effort of COPE Health Solutions (CHS) and Adventist Health (AH) to provide an affordable and convenient way to enter the field. Over the course of seven months, participants in the program will gain the skills and foundational knowledge needed to succeed as a medical assistant in a clinical environment through virtual self-study lectures as well as in-person training guided by experienced professionals in the field.

Compare the Options

Feature 9-month 3-month
Seasons Offered Year-round June-August
Guaranteed (4-hour) Shifts* 1 per week 3 per week
Total Field Experience Hours 144
Initial Training Hours 20
Required Graduation Hours 164
Completion certificate from the Keck Graduate Institute
COPE Connect Membership (1-yr.)
Application Fee $20
Tuition Fee $225 $495


*Guaranteed shifts refers to the minimum number of shifts a student will be scheduled for during their chosen program based on length. Students may choose to add shifts only if shifts above minimum guaranteed number are available at any

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