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Admissions Process

  1. Establish eligibility
    Scholars must be at least 18 years old and have a completed GED or high school diploma by the application deadline for the entering cohort they wish to enroll in. This information must be listed in the scholar’s application. We do not have any pre-requisite course requirements.

    Important Note Regarding Eligibility: Our client site partners have varying rules and regulations about an individual holding more than one role or title in their hospital, clinic, or health system. For example, some sites may not allow current volunteers and employees to be concurrently enrolled as a Health Scholar, while other sites may allow concurrent enrollment and employment/volunteer engagement as long as certain guidelines are followed. If you are currently employed by or volunteer for a site where you wish to enroll as a Health Scholar, please reach out to for more information about your site of interest.

  2. Complete your application
    You can apply online here. We recommend you write your essays before beginning your online application. You can view the essay questions here.
  3. Interview
    Based on your online application, you may be invited to interview. These interviews are conducted by COPE Health Scholars program managers, regional managers and the current Health Scholar leadership team. Interviews help us get to know you. We’re looking for personable, confident and articulate students who will create positive experiences with patients and the care delivery team. Interviews typically take place in a small group setting, a multiple mini interview format or online via Skype. Please be dressed in professional attire and arrive in a timely manner.
  4. Schedule a clearance appointment
    During your clearance appointment, we’ll make sure all of your site’s screening requirements have been met. Be prepared to bring your immunization/titer records, health insurance information and CPR certification to your appointment. See Requirements for more details.
  5. Pay your tuition
    You’ll receive an email with a link to pay your tuition. View tuition and fees here.
  6. Attend training and pass entrance exams
    You will need to attend the three (3) days of training in full, where you will learn about care team communication skills, hospital codes, patient experience, regulatory standards, the basics of U.S. health care and more. Trainings are site-specific and vary by rotation, and the details of when and where they will take place will be communicated to you after your tuition is paid. In order to continue in the program and begin your first shift, you must first pass a written exam and practical exam.
  7. Start the program. Congratulations! You are now a Health Scholar!

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  • Health Insurance
    All students must carry personal health insurance that meets “minimum essential coverage” as defined by Affordable Care Act (ACA). Students are not covered by COPE Health Solutions’ nor the program site’s worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Complete a background check
    Those who pass the interview stage will receive an email with instructions for completing the background check. Background checks are a standard requirement for those interacting with patients.
  • Immunizations
    Current immunizations are required of all students. These requirements vary somewhat by site. Specific instructions on immunization requirements will be provided when you interview for the program. General immunization records and/or titers include:

    • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
    • Hepatitis B
    • Varicella (chicken pox)
    • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)
    • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening
    • Seasonal Flu Vaccine (October – May)
    • Be prepared to possibly have titers taken – this involves a blood test to check your immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases. Titers are required by some, but not all, program sites.
  • Health Screenings
    Additional health screenings such as drug screenings are required at some program sites. Information will be provided at the time you interview and at clearance appointments.
  • Fitness for Duty
    All COPE Health Scholars programs enforce substance-free learning environments. Drug testing may be required at some program sites. Information will be provided to you at clearance appointments.
  • CPR Certification
    CPR Certification is required for the program and must be submitted at your clearance appointment. The required certification is Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers from the American Heart Association. No other certification will be accepted. A classroom course or hybrid course is required – fully online courses are not acceptable. Contact for details.

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Essay Questions

Essays are the most important component of your application. We recommend you write your essays outside of the online application and copy/paste them into the online application when you are ready to submit. All essay questions are required. There is a 500 word limit for each question.

  1. Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, or risk that you have taken and its impact on you.
  2. How does the Health Scholar program fit into your overall career goal?
  3. How would you utilize your role as a Health Scholar to improve the patient experience in a hospital?
  4. It is often said that what you put into this program is what you get out of it. What do you plan on investing into this program and how will you follow through with your initial goals?


*For 9-month and 3-month duration options, be prepared to list all of your current obligations and the time requirement for each one.

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