"This program has been a great opportunity for me to become more deeply involved in the health care system.."
–Kelcie Berge

I’m experiencing difficulty in submitting my application, what do I do?


I am currently on a gap year, can I apply to the COPE Health Scholars program?


What kind of immunizations do I need to provide for the international study tour?


Will there be supervision for the international study tours?


How old do I have to be to join the international study tour high school group?


How many hours a week do I have to commit to the program?


Can I transfer from one site to another site?


Can a Junior Health Scholar transition into the Health Scholar program?


How often will I rotate into a new clinical or administrative department? Do I choose the department?


Why do some sites have more clinical areas that other sites? Why do some sites have only one or two clinical areas?


Do you accept scholarships from outside organizations?


Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?


What are the total costs of the programs?


I was not accepted. Can I reapply?


What type of CPR training do you accept?


When do I need to show proof of immunizations and CPR certification?


I don’t see an option in the application to apply for the Care Navigator Scholar Program. How do I apply?


When will I find out if I’ve been accepted into the program?


What can I do to increase my chances of admission?

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