Overview - COPE Health Scholars

Nurse Scholar Overview

Gain hands-on patient interaction, clinical experience and professional development skills in preparation for nursing employment.

The Nurse Scholar program offers nursing students and nursing school graduates the opportunity to shadow a nursing preceptor and gain firsthand patient experience in preparation for employment. Alongside their preceptor, Nurse Scholars will complete 200 hours of hands-on clinical experience and will participate in new grad nursing training and professional development. Upon nursing program completion and nursing certification, program graduates will distinguish themselves as top candidates for nursing employment. The program is offered year-round at select sites in California. Program duration is six (6) months with a minimum commitment of 8-hours per week and a maximum of 24 hours per week.

Why Nurse Scholar?

  • Opportunity for employment upon completion of nursing degree and successful completion of program requirements
  • Platform for professional development and nursing mentorship
  • Gain patient experience and further develop bedside manner
  • Complete RN training that aligns with health system RN Residency program
  • Enhance health care industry knowledge through learning and development series


The program is offered at locations in Los Angeles, California.

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